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Trekking Chachapoyas/ Gocta / Kuelap Detailed Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Camping: Chachapoyas / Karajia We set out from Chachapoyas on a 2-hour drive over breathtaking roads and incredible scenery of the Northern Andes. We stop in the village of Luya for supplies and continue 30 minutes, where we’ll begin our hike. After approximately 2 hours of moderate hiking we arrive at the ancient burial site of Karajia. We encounter 3-meter tall anthropomorphic plaster coffins re-enforced with wood frames located high under a cliff. Learn about the history of this region and the burial site. After lunch we set off for the 2-hour hike to our vehicle on the opposite side of the valley and travel to our campsite for the night. Along the way we pass again through the village of Luya where we can make a brief stop at the local market held every Thursday. Once at our campsite, enjoy an evening of good food, good company, and a good night’s sleep!

* Included: Lunch, dinner
* Today’s walking distance approximately 6 km

Day 2 Camping or Lodge: Cocachimba/ Gocta Waterfall Our day starts early with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a full day (5-6 hours) of moderate / semi-difficult hiking. We will enjoy the enchanting waterfalls and with some luck spot toucans, hummingbirds, monkeys, and much more as we hike through the dense jungle. Our final destination is the base of the recently discovered Gocta Waterfall, verified to be the third largest waterfall on the planet (measured to be a height of 772 meters). This waterfall, with 2 drops, has been known by locals for centuries and was only brought to the world’s attention in 2002 following an expedition by German explorers to the region. You can go for a swim but it is chilly. Otherwise, relax, have your box lunch and absorb the magic. Then it’s back to Cocachimba and on to our next campsite. We may stop along the way for viewing distant ruins and other sites of interest by telescope, time and weather permitting.

* Included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
* Today’s walking distance approximately 10 km

Day 3 Tingo/ Kuelap/ Chachapoyas Following breakfast this morning, we begin our 6-7 hour hike to the Chachapoyan archaeological site of Kuelap. Little is known about this pre-Incan site and the Chachapoyan people themselves (also known as the Cloud Forest people). Kuelap is a massive fortress built on the top of a mountain and is sometimes referred to as the “Machu Picchu of Northern Peru”. This site is surrounded by a 30m high wall and measures 584m by 100m in size. Construction of the site is estimated to have taken approximately 200 years to complete and taken millions of cubic feet of stone. Kuelap is comprised of three levels containing over 400 circular buildings. Who the Chachapoyan people could have been protecting themselves from remains a mystery. We have a few hours to explore the site and learn about the history from our local guide. Standing at the outer wall’s edge of this site you can enjoy the incredible view of the valley below, spreading out approximately 1,200 meters below. Also impressive is the thin ribbon of road that hugs the near and far walls of the treed canyon. A short walk of about ten minutes will bring us to our waiting vehicle for the 4-hour return trip to Chachapoyas. Take advantage of a hot shower, enjoy a local dinner and sleep well!

* Included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
* Today’s walking distance approximately 12 km

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