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About Adventures To Peru

Adventures to Peru is an adventure tour company that specializes in small group travel to Peru. We do not operate a large network of tours worldwide nor do we claim to be experts on every South American country. We specialize in Peru and know it well. Whether it be the Inca Trail, sunrise in Machu Picchu, the pristine Amazon basin or the recently uncovered waterfalls at Gocta in Cocachimba, it’s this seemingly limitless potential that drives us.

It excites us!
It’s why we show up to work everyday!
We really like what we do!
We hope you do too!

Our main objective is to establish grass roots tourism initiatives in Peru that reach world-wide audiences with personalized service. We seek to facilitate the kind of cultural exchange that is beneficial both to the traveler and the people we commonly call locals, living in our destinations.

When Adventures to Peru founder Sean Travis first began leading adventure tours for one of the cookie cutter group tourism operators back in the 90’s, he realized that with the growing popularity of Peru and tremendous advances made with travel infrastructure the future looked great for Peru in general. Unfortunately for the tourism industry, there was something ethically wrong on the horizon. He saw it becoming evident that growing numbers of irresponsible operators and increased tourism to sensitive natural areas together with the lack of appropriate tour management could become a threat to the integrity of both ecosystems and local cultures, and it has.

As a result, he began his journey to build Adventures to Peru, a travel company that specializes in Peru, that emphasizes environmentally and socially responsible travel while simultaneously promoting the appreciation of this proud culture.

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