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Adventures to Peru The Gold Museum

Daily Departures
4 Hours
Cost: USD $ 50

Tour includes

All entrance fees, bilingual English local guide and transportation throughout.

This tour takes us to the most comprehensive museum in Peru. The Gold Museum is the most important of its kind in the world, containing more than 33,000 gold objects. The artifacts on display reflect the genius and artistry of the pre-Colombian societies that created them many centuries ago, before the arrival of the Spaniards. The museum is divided into different rooms, each one displaying a selection of gold pieces representative of the many indigenous cultures that have inhabited the Colombian territory, as well as textiles and many other objects in bone and clay.

The museum is not only limited to gold. In ancient times, men exhibited their wealth through their weapons. This once private collection is taken from all over the world. We see gold and diamonds, emeralds and opals, rubies and turquoises that decorated their swords and sables. Talented craftsmen and metal smiths used images of fantastic animals and flowers, engraving and sculpting them on the weapons they manufactured.

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