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Family Holidays To Peru

Family holidays are one Adventures to Peru specialties. We design fun and interesting itineraries to suit the whole family. The key to our success is combining conventional visits that suit the adult members, with adventure and cultural interaction activities that will provide an invaluable experience and insight for young travelers. Our aim is to design your holiday to fit in with the requirements of children and teenagers, providing a combination of activities that will be educational but light and interesting. Most days, no more than three or four hours are spent on serious sightseeing, while leaving plenty of free time or fun activity time for the kids.

Our tailor made family holidays allow the whole family to have a fun, educational experience in one of the loveliest spots on earth.

One way is visiting archaeological sites in alternative ways such as on foot, bike or horseback; or kayaking in the rainforest or spending time with indigenous communities for example. We of course have the support of our team of guides who have expert knowledge of culture, archaeology and botany but who are also gentle, patient, caring and lovely with children, and exciting and interesting for teenagers and young adults.

In the rainforest for example, our guides will unveil the mysteries of the rainforest, providing a unique opportunity to learn and value the fragile ecosystems in a way that will stay with the children forever. There are also physical activities such as trekking, riding, cycling or rafting.

*NOTE:  Any of our traditional programs can be modified to fit your family’s interests. Please contact us for more details.

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