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Our Vision

We believe that when foreign travelers come to countries like Peru, the overall morale of local populations is boosted. By placing value on their country, which is what we do when we come to explore it, we validate that their culture, lands and people are worth witnessing. In a certain sense, we endorse Peru and make every Peruvian feel good to be visited.

We at Adventures to Peru want to share this vision with you.

On an Adventures to Peru trip we’ll go out of our way to act responsibly, while at the same time striving to provide the local insight and leadership necessary to truly enjoy the Peruvian way of life. We’ll do everything feasible to make your adventure authentic and life changing, while at the same time acting to preserve the areas we visit.

We’ve got the inspiration and the know-how to take you there. Come with us and experience the Adventure to Peru of a lifetime!

We also see that respect for the environment and local cultures are of utmost importance. Our emphasis is on incorporating only the most accountable means of visiting Peru. This may sound obvious or generic, but living in Peru, we see how many foreign run operations do not share our views.

What’s environmentally and socially responsible travel?

For us, it’s lot of things. We insist on using a trekking staff that packs out all of its garbage, leaving absolutely nothing behind. We encourage our passengers not to hand out money or candy to the kids we encounter along the way (we encourage postcards from home, school supplies or photographs instead). All of our groups have a ten-person limit, lessening social impact when arriving to less visited areas. We encourage our clients to speak in Spanish or Quechua, which helps reduce the language gap and social uneasiness.

We recognize that any form of tourism has an impact on its destination, but we try to make ours as socially accountable as possible.

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