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Sean Travis-Founder

Sean is native to the United States of America. Born in Las Vegas in 1971, Sean spent his youth growing up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He moved on to San Diego State University to pursue a degree in Human Communications with an emphasis in the Spanish language.

Since graduating in 1994, he has had an avid career as an adventurer. His travels have taken him to Spain, Morocco, Portugal, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. He has also lived or traveled extensively in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, three regions that truly fascinate him.

Since moving away permanently from California in 1997, Sean has been living, studying and leading adventure tours non-stop all around Latin America. Subsequently, after being based in Lima Peru for several years he developed an eagerness, almost an obsession, for everything Peruvian. From the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Basin, from to the high peaks of the Peruvian Andes to the Equator, Sean has become a true veteran.
With so many years of experience in the region, Sean developed an understanding and genuine empathy for the huge diversity of societies and cultures that live there. His new passion is to share this awareness with others and provide an authentic travel experience for those who are willing.

Adventures to Peru has become his vehicle for sharing. A passionate travel company that specializes in Peru, that emphasizes environmentally and socially responsible travel while simultaneously promoting the appreciation of Peru and its’ people. Peru is an extremely proud destination.

(Sean Travis at a recently uncovered Inca Archaeological site )

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