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Eco-Awareness in Peru


Since founder  Sean Travis first began leading adventure tours for one of the cookie cutter  group tourism operators back in the 90’s he realized that with the growing  popularity of Peru and tremendous advances made with travel infrastructure the  future looked great for Peru in general.


Unfortunately, there was something ethically wrong on the  horizon. He saw it  becoming evident that increased tourism to sensitive natural areas and the lack  of appropriate planning and management would become a threat to the integrity  of both ecosystems and local cultures. Increasing numbers of visitors to  ecologically sensitive areas can lead to significant environmental deprivation.  At the same time, local communities and indigenous communities can be harmed in  various ways by an influx of foreign visitors and wealth.


That is why he  developed the Leave Only Footprints  Policy in an effort to  promote responsible and conscious ecotourism. At Adventures to Peru we realize most  tourism in natural areas today is not ecotourism and is not therefore,  sustainable. Ecotourism can be distinguished from nature tourism by its  emphasis on conservation, traveler responsibility and active community  participation. Specifically, ecotourism possesses the following  characteristics:


*Conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior

*Sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures  and biodiversity

*Support for local conservation efforts

*Sustainable benefits to local communities

*Educational components for both the traveler and local  communities


At Adventures  to Peru each of our itineraries is designed to support local individuals or  locally owned businesses. We hire only local guides native to the destination.  Whenever possible we support local community projects by donating a percentage  of our profits. We vow to clean up after ourselves, use only eco-responsible local operators and stress conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior.


Home Office Practices

In our daily  work practices, we support the ongoing efforts of the new born recycling industryin Peru and only use  paper products that average a thirty percent post-consumer recycled content. We  encourage use of alternative  transportation as well as mass transit.

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