We are local and we love what we do!

Being based in the region gives us an edge. We know the local mentality; we visit and re-visit all of the places you’ll go and are constantly updated on local events.

Pre-departure attention

Some times it’s the little things that matter. At Adventures to Peru we give all present or potential clients the opportunity to correspond directly by telephone or e-mail with your trip host anytime before your trip departure date.

We will make your tour easy to arrange by being timely and accurate in our conversations and correspondence with you.

By listening to what you want and arranging your tour exactly as you wish it, you will get the most from your vacation time.

Private Flexible Schedules -We will design an itinerary just for you and your traveling companions. Do what you want when you want and follow our expert advice and planning.

Vow to safety

At Adventures to Peru, our safety record is vital to our survival. As founder of Adventures to Peru I pledge to always use the most reputable over-land transport operator or airline available. We do not and will not cut corners or skimp when it comes to the safety and comfort of our clients. As director and founder of Adventures to Peru you have my word and personal promise to keep you, your family and friends safe while visiting Peru.

Expert knowledge and experience

With Adventures to Peru you’ll have a ready-made network of local friends and expert contacts.

Apart from acting as a source of information to answer the many questions you will have about the region, our team will provide continual support about interesting things you can see and do in Peru. Our team knows the places you visit like few do and can show you to the coolest hidden corners and out of the way places that you won’t find in any guidebook. We can take you to the country’s natural highlights, introduce you to his local friends, and maybe even find a local ‘fiesta’ or street party that few tourists will ever have the privilege to attend. If you have a special interest, such as action sports, art, architecture, soccer, music, dance, religion etc, we can help you find ways to explore your interest and put you into contact with local people who share the same interests.

Included airport arrival and departure transfers

Our trips include airport arrival and departure transfers. It’s no fun arriving in a foreign country and having to make your way to your hotel on your own, being hassled and ripped off by the airport taxi drivers. At Adventures to Peru, your security and safety are of utmost importance. We’ll have one of our representatives at the airport with a big, bright sign waiting for you.

You won’t have to dig around for exact change for taxi fare at the end of your trip either. Upon departure from Peru, Adventures to Peru makes sure you get a free, reliable and secure ride to start your journey home.

We offer real value for the money

If you have looked at other organizations selling tours of similar length, quality and included activities in Peru, you will notice that Adventures to Peru is very sensible. Its not because we cut corners or compromise on excellence, but rather we reap the benefits of being a small, local, efficiently run company with small overheads. We can be this competitive because we are based locally and we manage all operations ourselves.

These savings are passed onto you.

Also while on the tour — unlike in most group tours in Peru — the tour host is prohibited from taking any form of currency commission from restaurants, handicraft shops, or from arranging optional activities for you. This means you pay the net price for local meals and excursions in Peru. In this way, the tour leader’s advice is not compromised and he will recommend and help you choose activities that you will get most enjoyment from, rather than recommending activities that will earn him extra money on the side.

Responsible tourism policy

What’s environmentally and socially responsible travel?

For us, it’s lot of things. We insist on using a trekking staff that packs out all of its garbage, leaving absolutely nothing behind. We encourage our passengers not to hand out money or candy to the kids we encounter along the way (we encourage postcards from home, school supplies or photographs instead). All of our groups have a ten-person limit, lessening social impact when arriving to less visited areas. We encourage our clients to speak in Spanish or Quechua, which helps reduce the language gap and social uneasiness.

We recognize that any form of tourism has an impact on its destination, but we try to make ours as socially accountable as possible.
Click HERE to see our full Responsible Tourism Policy

Group size

Our groups will run with a minimum of two people, but even more importantly the maximum capacity of our small group tours is 12 travelers. Small group size ensures a low social and environmental impact on the areas visited and facilitates the best possible cultural experience. Our small groups travel to areas less visited, enlightening our passengers with a unique, local and more authentic experience. Unlike some ‘large group’ group tours that explode onto the scene, a small group tour allows the group to be hushed and at the same time enables the guide to adhere closely to the needs of each individual.


Because we believe accommodations to be of utmost importance to every trip, we carefully inspect all potential hotels, jungle lodges and guest homes in our tour locations.

Standard hotel accommodations are three-star tourist class. We have carefully selected our accommodations for cleanliness and comfort, convenient location, safety, local character and customer service.

Most of our passengers are pleasantly surprised by the accommodations, not just by the level of comfort, but also by its personality and charm.

Local guides

Accompaniment by a top-class guide makes the difference between an average holiday and an enlightening travel experience. Adventures to Peru employs only the best licensed and/or certified local guides. Because we believe that first-hand experience makes a trip authentic, we seek local guides native to each specific destination, ensuring that your travel will be a rich cultural experience. These qualified and knowledgeable local tour guides will provide you with practical guidance, while offering priceless insight into the true identity and nature of their homeland. All of our guides are at least bilingual, speaking as a minimum Spanish and English. All Adventures to Peru local guides operate in accordance with our Responsible Tourism Policy and general low impact philosophy of travel, respecting the land and its people.

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