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ATP is dedicated to providing our guests with Peru’s greatest expeditions, tailor made to depart anytime. If you appreciate the splendors of remarkable gastronomy, countless outdoor adventure sports, unparalleled pre-Columbian history and a present day living culture second to none, come join us. We are the ATP People!

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We are the ATP People!

Come with us and experience the ATP of a lifetime!

ATP is an adventure tour company that specializes in small group travel to Peru. We specialize in Peru and know it well. Whether it be the Inca Trail, sunrise in Machu Picchu, the pristine Amazon basin or the recently uncovered waterfalls at Gocta in Cocachimba, it’s this limitless potential that drives us.
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Sean Travis-Founder

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Sean is native to the United States of America. Born in Las Vegas in 1971, Sean spent his youth growing up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He moved on to San Diego State University to pursue a degree in Human Communications with an emphasis in the Spanish language.
Since graduating in 1994, he has had an avid career as an adventurer. His travels have taken him to Spain, Morocco, Portugal, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. He has also lived or traveled extensively in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, three regions that truly fascinate him.
Since moving away permanently from California in 1997, Sean has been living, studying and leading adventure tours non-stop all around Latin America. Subsequently, after being based in Lima Peru for several years he developed an eagerness, almost an obsession, for everything Peruvian. From the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Basin, from to the high peaks of the Peruvian Andes to the Equator, Sean has become a true veteran. With so many years of experience in the region, Sean developed an understanding and genuine empathy for the huge diversity of societies and cultures that live there. His new passion is to share this awareness with others and provide an authentic travel experience for those who are willing.
Adventures to Peru has become his vehicle for sharing. A passionate travel company that specializes in Peru, that emphasizes environmentally and socially responsible travel while simultaneously promoting the appreciation of Peru and its’ people. Peru is an extremely proud destination.

What Our Clients Say

I rate Sean Travis as the best tour leader I have ever travelled with. He always kept us informed on what was happening – the good and the bad. He was extremely helpful, very caring of all of us and extremely customer focused.

Rosamund Malcolm

Mr.Travis was great because he make you feel he is there for you and with you enjoying himself. He kept his distance as professional but never impersonal.

Ms Losi Touma

Sean did an unparalleled job running our tour. I know he took a lot of notes on our groups’ special interests and what we thought was good and the different tours that we had organised ie optional family visits, and boat sail boat cruise on Lake Titicaca. If I had to travel again in that area it would be great to have Sean leading the troops again!

Jody Mcdiarmid

Our tour leader Sean was fabulous! He was easy-going and very warm/friendly with all of us. You could tell he genuinely wanted us to have a great time. He took special efforts to keep us safe and get us to our next destination when there were strikes and road block where ongoing. He was very knowledgeable and kept up our spirits on certain stretches that were tough on the Inca trail.
Five stars to Sean for a fantastic tour.

Gira Byani

Our trip to Peru can only be described as mind blowing. Whilst Machu Picchu must be singled out for special mention, there was a WOW factor in Cusco, Pisac ruins and the market and the train journey to Aguas Calientes.
But above all, I have to thank our host or leader, Sean Travis. This guy was friendly without being familiar, knew where to explore off the tourist circuit, where to eat and also a very efficient organiser in a way that you did not realise you being organised.
Full marks to a TOP BLOKE.

Kathine and Colin Bennett

I guess I already commented on his personality, but again he was great. Even though he had not done this particular trip that many times, he was on top of things. We felt confident in his leadership and ability. His language skills and personality came in handy many times. He was there for each one of us – did not show favoritism.

June Henderson

As you know I’m not good at English but I do my best. My tour leader was Sean Travis and he was fun.
I could not start the trip with other member because I missed my flight in Huston. I supposed I couldn’t join the tour by myself. Tour leader Sean booked hotel in Lima and Puno and an airplane to Juliaca for me. And he took me one-day trip on Lake Titicaca. When I couldn’t understand what a guide said, he interpreted in easy English for me. He showed us traditional customs and let us try local food. He has done us a great service.
He had much knowledge about Inca Trail, flowers, ruins and histories. He gave us some good advice about Inca Trail Trekking. I heard he guided Japanese group for the first time. So, he learned several Japanese words during trekking to communicate with us. I’m surprised he was quick at learning Japanese and his pronunciation was good.

Emiko Seguchi

“I just wanted to send Adventures to Peru a quick email to let you know we are back in Michigan and could not have had a better time in Peru! It was so wonderful. More wonderful than we could have ever imagined!!!
Your dedication and knowledge of Peru get top marks. The guides were terrific and everyone else we were in contact with where just as fantastic! Please let them know how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to make our trip one we will remember forever!
And also, I want to extend a special thanks for the
beautiful necklaces Ed and I were given as a gift. That was so thoughtful! We love them.
Sean, thanks so much for your hard work. We are planning to return to Peru for a second adventure in a few more years, or as soon as we can save up the money! We will definitely keep your company in mind for another possible tour.

Jill Stevens

I have led many trips to Spain myself, and I have travelled with guides in several countries. In all my experience, I have never known a better guide than Sean Travis. He gave himself completely to the group and managed to please the older members, like myself, and still take the younger ones out to bars and clubs in the wee hours. He was unfailingly kind, caring and helpful. He has a charismatic personality and is an excellent communicator. Most of all, he does not dictate, he facilitates. He is one of us and converses and identifies with all age groups, from 14-66, in our case.
He is upbeat and lively and a man of substance. His people sense is extraordinary. His sincere interest and enjoyment of people is a priceless asset.
Best of luck to you and your endeavors Sean

Many blessings

My name is Jennifer Hawkins. I recently went on an Adventures to Peru tour – the Inca Trail from April 27 to May 11 2006. My tour leader was Sean Travis. I can not express how INCREDIBLE he was!! Not only was he a fun person to be around, he made the trip itself interesting and I learned a great deal about Peru and the people of Peru. Sean went from a great leader to an outstanding leader very quickly, however. I had some trouble with the trail and Sean immediately took my health into his own hands without a thought. He was gracious and made me feel at ease, difficult because of the disappointment that came with what I thought to be as failure. When at the hospital, he acted as a translator – and even insisted that I take notes to pass along to my doctor at home, and receipts so that I might be reimbursed for expenses. Because of his clear thinking even in the midst of a possible emergency, my doctors here have been able to use the info gathered with his help, and therefore are better able to treat me. I can not express how deeply grateful and thrilled that Sean was my tour leader.
If there were an award, a medal, anything at all, I would gladly recommend him to be a recipient. I can only say that when I describe my experiences with friends and family, I will encourage them to use Adventures to Peru because of Sean’s impeccable performance.
If all your leaders are as wonderful as he is, your program will only grow in popularity and prestige.

Jennifer Hawkins

I just wanted to share with you that the whole trip was fantastic. Initially you booked us to see Paracas, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Lake TIticaca and last the inca trail. We decided to do the inca trail first and it was the best decision. The inca trail is not an easy hike and we were glad we were fresh and energetic. Had it been the other way around, it would have made the experience of the inca trail not as pleasant.
Our tour leader was Sean Travis. He is an American that has been residing in Peru for some time. He did a fantastic job. The whole trip went smoothly because of him. He always made sure that where ever we were heading, everything was arranged, so when we got to our next destination, everything was in place and ready. His command of the language and his knowledge of the Peruvian culture is amazing. He is the main reason why our tour went without a hitch.
We were highly satisfied with his professionalism, skills, and personality. He made everybody feel comfortable and always took the time to explain the idiosyncrancies of Peru. The whole group felt lucky to have him as our tour leader. I’m still impressed with his dedication to making sure we had a great experience. I don’t know what else to say, but if I go back to Peru with a group, I would definitely request that you assign him as our tour leader.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me.
Best regards

Richard Meyer

Got back three days ago and wanted to tell you how thoroughly we enjoyed ourselves. You did it again for us and Sean – what a man you are! Thanks to you, it was the trip of a lifetime for everyone. And I have to say that we were all delighted that we started out with the Inka trail and roughing it and ending up with the warmth and luxury of Hotel Paracas.
I will write in more detail later, but just wanted to thank you for putting together a wonderful tour and great bunch of people for our group. I was confident from last year’s trip and from my experience with Adventures to Peru, that we would have a great trip, and it sure was lovely to have the upgraded hotels. But I have to say that the caliber of the guides, both intelligently, knowledge-wise and spiritually, were impressive and the kinds of experiences and diversity of the trip you offered us, was dynamite. We’ve all talked about doing it again in five years! Everyone was impressed with all that was offered and I hope you will get repeat business from the group.
Will be gathering photos from the group and will put something together really soon.

Jollee James

“If you want a tour leader who is fun, flexible, smart, and knowledgeable, Sean Travis is your man. He planned and lead the best custom tour for us that I can imagine.”
“The fact that Sean is a North American married to a Peruvian woman is in itself a great benefit. His background prepared him to listen and observe who we are and what we wanted. His years in Peru and gift for
finding and connecting with good people and places allowed him to made perfect matches for us with local guides, hotels, restaurants, and off-the-beaten track adventures.”
“Even the meals were memorable. Noone told us that Peru has truly outstanding cuisine, for example. Yet on our first day, Sean observed that we love good food. For the next three weeks he consistently found us places serving regional Peruvian specialty dishes that rival many served in San Francisco and New York in quality. We enjoyed some meals in tiny, Ma & Pa places on side streets and others at white table clothed establishments perched by ancient ruins. One memorable lunch of superb clay oven roasted lamb and potatoes was served wrapped in pieces of brown
paper at an canvas covered stand on a market day in a small Andes Highland town without a single foreign face in evidence.”
All the best.

Paul Growald

We can’t stop marveling about our recent 19-day tour of Peru. From Lima to Cusco to the Inca trail, to Nasca and more….it was all fantastic. An unforgettable trip! Sean Travis, our group leader was phenomenal. He was knowledgeable, personable, resourceful, all the things you would want from a group leader, but above all, he was a pleasure to be with. One unexpected perk was the Peruvian food and Sean always seemed to find the best and took us to many out of the way places we would never have discovered on our own. We can’t wait to go back.

We miss you and Peru. Hope all is well.

Holly and John

We reached home safely without any problems. My husband left for work this afternoon and now I’ve got to get ready for Thanksgiving with our 3 kids & DIL. Fun is over and back to schedule.

We want to give some feedback regarding our super trip.
It was a last minute plan and, were very pleased with you handling all our reservations and needs in such a timely manner. Thanks for your continuous support during the trip…

We had Gary for the Sacred Valley. He was very knowledgeable about the place and was very informative to our questions. Thanks to his patience and efforts we got our tickets for Wayna Picchu and did the climb.

The accommodations were better than we expected.

Everything was well explained in our itinerary and all went well. You took care of all the details and was good seeing you in person.

Cheers and we appreciate the great trip!

Meenakshi Ponnusamy

Wow this was a trip that far exceeded expectations. A fantastic overview of Peru in a relatively short period of time. Definitely hit all the high points.
Jam packed itinerary, which is what we asked for. Sean knew all the places to buy cheap(but good)wine in cardboard boxes! All of the guides we met on our travels were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. All of the accommodations exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for a spectacular trip!

Vince Sales and Lynn Harrington

We felt that the tour was well organized and allowed enough time for us in each location. The hotels and home stays far exceeded our expectation and we liked that the hotels were smaller unique hotels. All of the guides at the locations provided great information and seemed knowledgeable in their information. All of our transportation arrangements again exceeded our expectations. I think we were a bit spoiled being a private group and it will be difficult to go back to a large group.

The itinerary covered lots of information and areas of Peru, it was well timed to ensure we didn’t have to deal with the crowds yet allowed time to take in what we were experiencing. We were pleased with all the activities that we took part in.

I can go into detail about the Sean but simply put we are extremely pleased with the service and assistance that we got. Sean treated us as a friend and that meant alot to us.

Generally speaking the local tour guides and drivers were terrific. A couple of the local guides are not as fluent in english as others but then again maybe we should be more fluent in Spanish instead. Our porters and cook on the Inca trail were amazing and our food really was excellent. It far exceeded our expectation.

Absolutely no complaints about our accomodations or meals. All of our hotels exceeded ourt expectation and there was not a single hotel that I would not have gone back to. When on the trail tenting, the porters and staff looked after us and other than the one morning when they were taking the tents down as we were still emptying them they seemed well organized. Our home stay was a bit disappointing, not because of the family but because of the situation that they were in at the time. We really didn’t get to spend any quality time with the family and experience life in the community. But again this would not be a complaint as it was an unusual situation for the family and the children did a great job of hosting us while we were at their home. I think that if this situation arose again that perhaps the guest should of been put with another family.

All the buses were clean and very well maintained; the bus trip from Puno to Cusco was very comfortable and clean. We never had any concerns about our safety with the drivers and were very comfortable with all travel arrangements.

I believe that Adventures to Peru practices and promotes sustainable tourism.

Brent and Laurie Erickson

“Sean Travis” has a rare gift of making everyone on his trips feel like they matter. He is accepting of all types of people, exceptionally patient with requests and traveling styles and is a genuinely warm human being. On our recent trip up the Inca Trail, we had a 62 year old who had never camped before and insisted on bringing her eye-lash curlers! We also had two triathaloners. Sean was able to attend to the wide range of needs, interests and desires without a hint of judgment. Nothing seemed to much for him.

In addition he made a special effort to give us genuine experiences with local people in several places for Sean makes friends wherever he goes. When he learned of our group’s spiritual interests, he explored new options and informed our guides so they could emphasize the spiritual nature of Peru in their tours.

He is also a walking Zagat guide when it comes to good food and restaurants. Sean is totally reliable, completely fluent in Spanish and a great leader and companion. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Eileen Rockefeller

Thank you for all of your efforts–this was a most unforgettable experience. We will have to try and come back.
We leave for Lima in a few hours and then reboard the ship.
We loved the area and both Gary and Wagner were great. Gary has done an excellent job and has been most helpful. It wound up being more than we expected.
Thank you again,

Betty & John

I am extremely happy with Adventures to Peru and with our guide and host, Shawn Travis. Shawn is an exceptional guide, easy to be with, knowledgeable and was completely focused on the great outcome of our experience. I was impressed by the other regional guides he provided to enhance the depth and understanding of our experience. Our own adventure to Peru would not have been so seamless and wonderful without Shawn’s input and devotion. Thanks Shawn !***** FIVE STARS in my book !

Amy Cordova

Sean was wonderful! He provided a wealth of information before the trip, met with us the first night in Cusco, and communicated during the trip–allowing us to make changes, try white-water rafting, and generally insuring the trip would be a success.Thank you for a magical vacation! The guides–Gary and Armondo were extremely gracious and knowledgeable.
f12_ItineraryComments: We traveled down the Amazon, climbed a mountain, and went white water rafting in one week. It was an unforgettable experience.

Violet Brott

The experience was much more than we had expected. It turned out to truly be a “trip of a lifetime”. Everything was taken care of, and all details of the trip were arranged perfectly throughout the entire stay, making it extremely stress-free and enjoyable. The tour staff was extremely professional and the tour was well organized. It was customized to what we had wanted based on discussions that had taken place prior to the trip. We strongly recommend Adventures to Peru for anyone wishing to enjoy everything that the country has to offer.
The itinerary was exactly what we wanted. It was customized to our needs and this was greatly appreciated.
Sean was an excellent leader who was extremely professional in his job but also added a lot of fun and adventure to the trip making it extremely memorable. He seemed to know everyone and every place, including all the lesser-known secrets and places to visit.

Mark Miller and Harris Poulis

I was shocked at how good this experience was! It ran so smoothly I could not believe it. I would give this operation a satisfaction rating of 100%

Gene Gollogly

The tour was seamless in terms of logistics, elegant in terms of the rhythm and the pace of the itinerary and stimulating in terms of the guides and the conversations about all the places we went. A small group experience allowed us to make changes and revise our plans as necessary in order to take advantage of special opportunities that arose. Sean was flexible and fun and had a good sense of humor and good common sense. A great trip!
We really appreciated Sean’s openness to all new ideas and especially being excited about doing new off the beaten track experiences.

Diana Cohn

Thank you for putting it all together. I had a great time, amazing time, everyone was fantastic..Machu Picchu was stunning, mesmerizing. Tthe hotels were great and helpful..Gary was a rock. I met some interesting people which I would not have if I had not travelled alone- the whole experience has been superb. Thank you! I am now telling everyone to come to Peru!

Best wishes

Kirstie Jagoe

Hi Sean,
I am in South Africa now and rested. Other than the 1 hour 48 minutes it took me to check in (TAM/LAN problem), everything went well. Just as well I went there early!
Thanks again for organising my trip so well despite my many last minute requests. Every hotel was clean and staff were helpful. I especially liked the support and guidance of Edwin who was a perfect guide and I would recommend him heartily to all your other clients. My last lady driver (cant recall her name) was also wonderful and we had lots of laughter like old friends.
Thanks again and good luck!

Magi Matinga

We recently returned from our 14 day Adventures to Peru tour and can’t stop talking about it. Every time we look at the pictures we long to be back in Peru.
From the beginning we expected great service as we booked a 4-star adventure with Sean and his company. I’ll I can say is the tour far exceeded our expectations. The local guides (Quechua speakers) where some of the most knowledgeable I have ever met. They where always open to our endless questions, punctual and friendly and even with a sometimes needy group.
Our transportation was not late a single time. The Mercedes Benz mini buses they use where always clean and the drivers where not ‘crazy’ like others I saw while in Peru. Thanks for that because safety was a major concern prior to the trip.
Our hotel accommodations where spot on! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Muchas Gracias Adventures to Peru!

Edward Christian

When my girlfriend said her budget for a 9 day trip was $1000.00, I thought it couldn’t be done, but with Sean’s patience and professionalism, we talked about what elements were crucial and what we could skip or minimize and he pulled the rabbit out of the hat. We had an amazing adventure starting in Lima, heading to Cusco, exploring the Sacred Valley, a train ride to Aquas Clientes, a day at Machu Picchu, time to Explore and hike, a river raft excursion that had us laughing for two hours straight. The hotels were clean, the staff was friendly. Every guide we had was professional, courteous and on time. Every airport we visited had a smiling face to greet us holding a sign with our names on it. Trust me when you don’t speak the language, it’s a really nice luxury. I felt really well taken care of the entire trip. Sean even called our hotel room to touch base one evening about half way through. His insight is priceless on aspects like travel time, flight schedules, tipping guidelines, and altitude sickness possibilities. He ordered our trip so that we’d be at our best when we got to Machu Picchu. He built in down time just when we needed it. I’d never return to Peru without his insight, but I feel like a left a small piece of my heart there. Thank you so much Sean.

Libby Bideau

A wonderful country and an amazing tour! An excellent balance of cultural, touring and adventure activities. It doesn’t get any better… super organization, professionalism, and a pleasure to travel with. All guides used were excellent and very amicable and knowledgeable. All accommodations were excellent and all clearly met or exceeded our expectations. In particular The Liberator in Puno and the Colca Lodge were amazing hotels. The vast majority of rides were excellent. All drivers were safe and prudent as well as punctual. All questions were answered in an extremely timely fashion and changes to itineraries made where appropriate. We learnt so much about the country, its strengths and weaknesses wrt tourism. Issues about the environment were frequently discussed.
Thank you again for an amazing trip!! We are back but still so excited about Peru, our experiences etc. Reviewing pictures last night with our mums made us lonesome for Peru but also helped solidify all of our wonderful memories.

David Small and Family

Sean is a very knowledgeable, responsive and attentive tour operator. It was a last minute decision to go to Peru and in just a couple days he put together a great trip for me. It was within the budget I had. Everything he promised was done. I had a stress free time on my trip. Would recommend them for your next trip. Have fun in peru!

Vitaly Koshman

We are back home in Atlanta. We had a great time in Peru and wish we could have stayed longer and seen other parts of the country. All of the guides we had were great! Thanks and will certainly recommend your service to others.
Visited February 2012

Yu Lai Tam

Overall the trip was very good, we really enjoyed most of it. The itinerary was very well organized, we loved Hilda, the tour guide to the Cemetery of Chauchilla, she was very nice and knowledgeable about her job!

The tour staff was overall very good. We think they could provide the customers with their business cards or phone numbers in case we need to contact them during the trip.
Everybody on the staff was very nice except for the staff at the Casa Andina in Nazca, they really made us uncomfortable at the Hotel by trying to collect taxes in a very dishonest way.

Micheal and Lourdes Dorotik

Thanks again for everything. We had such a great time and saw so much. Would not have been nearly as smooth without your guidance, and we were so glad you had us wait to see Machu Picchu until the end. Will recommend to all our friends who are wanting to go to Peru!

Had a great trip. Sean has a lot of experience and knowledge about traveling in Peru and was very helpful in answering all our questions, both before and during the trip. Peru can be a confusing place to travel within, so it was very helpful to have such expert guidance. Loved the small tours that we were on. Saw several big tour buses during our trip and were glad to be on smaller, more personal trips.

Was great to meet Sean at the Westin and get some in-person information. Also, Sean answered about 1,000 emails from me in the months prior to the trip. Was nice to have such great service.

Stay well


Garret Tezanos

The balance is right here. Reliable, personable, local guides to meet you each step of the way. None of the lame, lame standard tour stuff (you know who you are!). Anything you want to do can be accommodated both at booking and by your local guide. The personal guides are a must. Get on with the real adventure and leave the logistics to the locals. Getting lost in the airport becuase you did it on your own is not an adventure, its a headache. Adventures to Peru is highly reccomended.

Ante Perkov

They are excellent, great organization, great hotel selection and amazing service. I want to go back and explore more, for sure Ill be calling Adventures To Peru to take care of my vacation.

Josh and Robson

We had a wonderful trip with ATP. Our transportation/guides showed up as and when promised,guides and drivers were friendly and knowledgeable; the vehicles were clean and comfortable. It was clear to us that making our trip as enjoyable as possible, and exposing us to as much as possible, was a top priority. Thank you!
We were very happy with the sequence of our trip. We would not have wanted to start in Cusco or Machu Pichu and end in the Amazon. (In our mind, not only would the sites have been a bit anti-climactic, the accommodations (nice as they were in the jungle)were not as comfortable. It was nice to end the trip in a beautiful, comfortable hotel.) We felt that having a transition in the Sacred Valley before Cusco was very important. Two of our group suffered from nausea and severe headaches because of the altitude and we were happy that we had spent some time at lower elevations before getting to Cusco. (Our friend ended up in the hospital in SV having gone directly from the Amazon to a hike in Pisac– too much activity for day one!) My husband who is very fit and a big skier- routinely in high elevation resorts such as Aspen- never got altitude sickness before and was hit hard in SV… so you never know who is going to be affected and we believe it was a good way to approach the altitude. We would recommend this sequencing to everyone! The only other general comment I can give is that even though it must be hard to give advice to everyone because everyone is so different, I would advise being more concrete when asked for guidance. I felt I had to press you hard to get concrete impressions of say one hotel over another. People can read all they want online about different places, but having a local pulse- at least for us- is very important. That said, you helped us put together a wonderful trip and we felt you went the extra mile for us. Muchisimas gracias!

The Smith Family

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