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What you should bring to Peru…


* Valid Passport (with photo copies)
* Entry visas and vaccination certificates
* Travel insurance (with photo copies)
* Airline ticket (with photo copies)
* USD cash, traveler’s checks
* Visa credit card or debit card
* Tour voucher
* Tour itinerary


We recommend the use of a comfortable and sturdy travel backpack or duffel bag; whichever is easiest for you to carry. A good size daypack is also essential for hikes and day excursions. Standard airline weigh limits in Peru are 1 checked bag weighing maximum 25 kilograms (55 lbs.) and 1 carry on piece at 8 kilograms (17 lbs.) Please adhere to this policy if you do not wish to pay excess baggage fees.


Due to the regional climatic differences in Peru, you really must be prepared for warm and cold climates as well humid and dry climates. We want you to be warm and happy when it’s cold and rainy – and cool and relaxed when we’re in the steamy jungle. As the sections of Peru we visit are in the tropics, officially they fall into a wet (October to March) and dry (March to October). You’ll most likely have warm days and cool nights during most of your trip – but you need to be prepared for anything.

* Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
* 2x Fleece or wool sweater
* Boots/sturdy walking shoes
* Sport sandals
* 2 x Long Pants -zip off kind convertible to shorts are very convenient
* 3-4 x t-shirts (non-cotton & quick drying recommended)
* 2-3 x long-sleeve shirts (non-cotton & quick drying recommended)
* 1-2 pairs of shorts (non-cotton & quick drying recommended)
* 1x warm hat (e.g. wool/ fleece ski hat)
* 1x sun hat
* Underwear
* Socks
* Swimsuit for beaches, hot springs and rivers


* Daypack
* Money belt
* Camera & film
* Insect repellent
* Sun-block
* Flashlight / headlamp
* Toilet paper (not provided in public facilities in Peru use trash can provided)
* Toiletries
* First aid kit
* Water bottle
* Sunglasses
* Pocket-knife

Optional Items

* Personal prescription medications/ hygiene-If you have preferred medication brands, it best to bring them from home as brands vary in Peru. Many products are unavailable in Peru.
* Reading/writing material
* Binoculars
* Cover for backpacks
* Small travel towel
* Earplugs
* Purification tablets or filter (only necessary if you want to drink tap or stream water)
* Antiseptic gel/wipes

Recommended for hiking and camping

* Inner sheet (for sleeping bag)
* Wool hat, mitts or gloves (preferably waterproof)
* Rain poncho
* Strong plastic bags to help keep gear dry
* Sleeping bag (see trip itinerary for specific details; this can also be hired locally for approximately $12 USD)
* Mattress (see trip itinerary for specific details; self inflating type mattresses are available for hire for approximately $12 USD)
* Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen)
* Thermal underwear
* Walking poles (available to buy or hire in Cusco)
* Small travel towel – During the Inca Trail a cold shower is available on the second night and a hot shower on the 3rd night for a couple of dollars. If you’d like to shower on the Trail bring a small towel and toiletries.

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