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1 full day Per person from 1 traveler: USD$375 Trip Overview Our full day extension to the north of Lima takes us up the desert coast on a remarkable excursion. Travel by beautiful beaches and through some of Peru’s most unique terrain to Caral, where civilization in the Americas originated.

At the same time that the Egyptians flourished on the banks of the Nile, 5,000 years ago, a similar complex culture began in Peru. The oldest metropolitan center in the Americas found in the central coastal desert of Peru, according to recent carbon dating, began to flourish between approximately 2,627 and 2,100 years before Christ.

Predating the famous Inca Empire by some 3,500 years, the discovery of Caral challenges established theories of civilization in the Americas. The ruins changed history when researchers proved that a complex urban center in the Americas thrived as a contemporary to the ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

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