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Make room for a new player on the world’s gastronomic scene! Peru is experiencing a gastronomic renaissance as the local culinary scene explodes internationally before our eyes.


We at Adventures to Peru want the world to know what’s happening here. We are excited about the almost infinite amount of regional variety, full strong flavors and local spice.  Also important is the social web of the food, farmers, chefs and common citizens that are helping this once stagnant economy become a booming Latin American travel destination.


The food is one reason.


Peruvian cuisine is the result of a nearly 500-year melting pot of Spanish, African, Japanese and Chinese immigration and native Quechua and Amazon cultures.


Peruvian food features a lot of seafood, often prepared raw or cured; high acid—Key lime juice and red onion are ever-present flavors; and a subtle hint of spice provided by the fruity aji pepper, which leaves lips tingling. Peruvian food also uses lots of potatoes—there are about 3,000 varieties in Peru, where the tuber originated. Ceviche often features pieces of either yellow potato or yam, and mashed potatoes are served cold, with fish or chicken salad as toppings, in a dish called causa.


And that is just the beginning! 


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