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Beautiful Lake Titicaca is at an altitude of 3856 meters, the world’s highest navigable lake. The lake is so big that it appears to be an inland sea. It is situated in the southern Andesregion, also called Altiplano. This turquoise blue lake used to be the most sacred water in the Inca Empire.

With a surface area of over 8000 sq. km (3100 sq. miles) it is South America’s biggest lake. In the south, lake Titicaca forms a natural frontier with Bolivia.

According to the legend, this lake gave birth to the Inca civilization. Before the Inca, the lake and its islands were holy for the Aymará Indians, whose civilization was centered at Tiahuanaco, now a complex of ruins on the Bolivian side of Titicaca but once a revered temple site with advanced irrigation techniques.

On the Northwest side of the lake is the city of Puno, the capital of Peru’s Altiplano. It’s one of the folklore centers of Peru with a rich array of handicrafts, costumes, music, and more than 300 ethnic dances. Puno is the main point for exploring Titicaca and its islands. Adventures to Peru offers tours to Lake Titicaca Peru.

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